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Supporting statements for the Coach

“Coach in the community provides a unique way of, not simply providing youth work within our community, but in empowering the local community to play a part and to take ownership of this. This coach allows us to make contact with, and establish relationships with young people across the village, many of which wouldn’t access more formal youth work provision.”
Community Project Worker, Alderholt

“We have noticed a distinct change in the dynamic around the square. The calming presence of several extremely nice and tolerant people and the novelty value of the Coach has been a very positive influence on those people, who in drink, might otherwise cause problems.”
Ferndown and Wimborne Town Neighbourhood Policing Teams

“Verwood Fire Station have had the pleasure of visiting the Coach in the Community a couple of times on a Friday evening at Potterne Park. The interaction between the young people and the volunteer leaders has been fantastic and we have always been made very welcome. Some of the firefighters have been shown how to skateboard, (not likely to be pushing for Olympic participation) and we've been able to talk about the fire service within the community and share some safety messages. The service provided by the coach and the volunteers is invaluable and we look forward to further supporting it into the future.”
Crew Manager, Verwood Fire Station