Bringing the community together

Our coach can come to you and be a place for members of your community to get together..

We're a meeting place

As an organisation, we recognise that times are changing, and there is less funding to help support local community projects, such as youth groups, or any project where people need to meet and get together. This is particularly important for rural areas.
Coach in the Community enables this to happen in a practical, fun way by providing a mobile meeting place for local groups and organisations.

We come to you

We deliver a state of the art, single-decker coach modified to include up-to-date multimedia facilities, coffee shop, seating areas and outside amenities for people of all ages and abilities. Based in East Dorset, we cover a number of locations including Alderholt, Verwood, Wimborne, and Cranborne. We are always keen to discuss the prospects of new projects throughout the area

We're a safe haven

Coach in the Community is an established charity with over fifty volunteers. We have a wealth of experience working with people of all ages. This expertise enables us to establish links with local organisations, where we help to set up and support new projects. We also have a team of dedicated volunteer drivers who deliver our Coach to wherever it is needed.
Whether it’s guidance or practical support we can make a difference. However we are involved, we are committed to policies that ensure the highest standards of safeguarding and care.

We're a mobile venue

Our Coach has multiple uses depending on the needs of the community project. It is split into two separate areas, the main part being social and recreational space, while the upper level provides tables and seating for up to fourteen people, offering privacy or an area for training. We have a small kitchen with a serving hatch and tuck shop. On board there is a selection of games, various consoles, outdoor sports equipment, and a flat screen television. The Coach also has a substantial awning for a covered outdoor seating area.

For all ages and abilities

The aim of our charity has always been to offer this excellent resource to all, regardless of finances. As such, our hire fee is significantly subsidised to enable groups of any size and position to enjoy this facility.